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Do you know operating system or an OS is a collection of software that manages computer hardware resources and provides common services for computer programs without which no system can work? The OS is a vital component of the system software in a computer system. All application programs usually require an operating system to function. Even for hardware functions like memory allocation, the operating system acts as a link between programs and the computer hardware. Every new laptop needs an operating system, so also every formatted laptop or computer will also need a new operating system to be re-installed whatever the case might be you can browse a wide array of operating system available for different computers and laptops at best prices on Nkapu. When you want to shop for a new desktop or laptop computers you will need to decide which operating system will best suit your need from Windows to Linux, Mac OS. And more.

Best Operating Systems on Nkapu at the Lowest Prices in Kenya

You can either buy computers with the operating system preloaded or you change the operating system in a later upgrade. While all operating systems perform the same job, they are different in aesthetics, user friendliness, and their capabilities. Whether you are looking for a laptop, netbook, or desktop computer or you need an operating system, Nkapu has a large selection of operating system to choose from. Nkapu stock a variety of operating systems in its collection that will avail the needs of different users and meet the requirements of different systems. Some of our selection include Microsoft Windows 8 Professional 64Bit, Microsoft Windows 7 Professional OEM, Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro - Full Version, BackTrack 5 LINUX OS, Mac OS X 10.10 and many others.  Shopping has never been so simple, buy operating systems online without stepping out of your home and rest assured of a safe and fast delivery on purchase. Buy online on Nkapu and enjoy value for your money.

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