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Laptop & Desktop Accessories

Laptop & Desktop Accessories

Buy Portable Computers & Desktop Accessories on Nkapu At Affordable Prices

For your computer to perform optimally, you need the right accessories. Each portable laptop or desktop needs one or more accessories and peripherals to function effectively. Despite the fact that portable computers and desktops today come with valuable accessories you need, it might still be necessary to get additional accessories. To find all that you need in one place, browse the collection of computer peripherals available on Nkapu. These accessories are very useful for any PC - desktop computers and laptops. Products like power packs and laptop chargers are necessary to charge up your system if they must be up and running. In case you lost your charger or you have a faulty charger, we have a replacement here for you on Nkapu. Browse through and buy a brand new one at considerably the lowest prices with optimum functionalities.


You can get your brand new Keyboards, Mouse, Power Pack & More at the Lowest Prices in Kenya. Our variety of laptop and desktop accessories will serve different purposes depending on your needs: For example, a wireless keyboard and mouse will give you access to your system from a considerable distance where you won’t be limited by space, however, some prefer the conventional wired keyboard and mouse. Whatever your choice is, we have available accessories to meet your everyday computing needs. 

Buying a DVD burner from top brands like HP, LG, Apple, Transcend and others, will help you to read and browse the contents of CDs and DVDs. Have you ever experienced working on a laptop with a bad battery? It can however be irritating especially when you are in the middle of an important task. You have the best opportunity to choose from our wide range of laptop batteries available for different brands of laptops – HP, ACER, DELL,TOSHIBA and others. Bring your dead laptop back to life with a top-quality and brand new battery on Nkapu. 

You can also shop from our array of USB drives, External hard drives, HDMI extenders, and many more. Whatever your choice of accessory for your laptop or desktop is, you can always browse the Nkapu website to choose and order online for your desired accessories to be delivered to your doorstep.