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Security software is any computer program designed to enhance information security.Security software is a general phrase used to describe any software that provides security for a computer or network. There are many types of security software including antivirus software, encryption software, firewall software and spyware removal software. Additionally, many operating systems also come preloaded with security software and tools. The two most common types of security software used for personal computer security are antivirus software (virus protection software) and antispyware software (spyware removal software). On Nkapu you are offered a wide range of security softwares for you to choose from.

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The more your personal computer is exposed to the internet and accessible to other users, the more it is vulnerable to malicious attacks which could run the speed down to nothing or even crash the system. So it is important to have the best internet security or antivirus software installed on your PC. It is not just by getting just any antivirus but getting that which is updated because the malicious programs are always updated to harm your computing device. We have the right internet security that would work on any operating system such as Windows or Linux, and they include Kaspersky, Norton, G-data, Bitdefender and more. Prevent your personal computer from crashing or running slow by ordering for an antivirus software on Nkapu at the best prices in Kenya.


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